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Sweet Dreams Diffuser Refill. 100ml

Sweet Dreams Diffuser Refill. 100ml

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Elevate and continue your aromatherapy experience with our premium, all-natural refill blends, a perfect size refill for your Reed Diffuser.

Bergamot, French Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Juniper Berry.

All-natural ingredients. 

The Sweet dreams range is mindfully made by blending selected essential oil scents which have been found to enhance the length and quality of sleep, so that when you rise in the morning you feel calm, at peace and ready for the day. 


Bergamot is known to be useful in preparing your body for sleep, as it slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure promoting feelings of calm. Along with reducing stress and anxiety it possesses sedative qualities. It has been used for centuries for aiding digestion and is thought to maintain the neural pathways in the brain. 

French Lavender aids with the generation a serene state of mind, reducing anxiety by affecting the body's fight or flight response. Lavender essential oil has been used to aid sleep for centuries and many studies have been done which have proven its effectiveness. It is known to improve sleep quality and increase the time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep, as well as relieve restlessness and negative emotions. 

Ylang-ylang is known to help balance both sides of the brain and aid in the processing and release of negative emotions. It's sedative qualities reduces heart rate and lowers body temperature which tells your brain its time to switch off and prepare for rest

Juniper Berry is known to provide a grounding and calming effect that can help balance emotions and support mental health. The calming scent is believed to produce sedative effects, help night terrors and was also burned by various ancient cultures to ward off evil spirits.

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